DataCenter: Amsterdam (Netherlands)Cloud Type: PublicPlatform: KVM Hypervisor


NousHost cloud virtual servers are the most reliable VPS solutions provided in the Netherlands. Our Cloud VPS are powered by KVM, which is an open source hypervisor based on the operating system`s kernel for cloud services. KVM Cloud Servers are ideal for application hosting, web hosting, SaaS, streaming and many other heavy duty purposes. Cloud VPS is provided in Linux and Windows Platform.

  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • 1Gbps Premium Network
  • Full Root Access
  • Control Panel Options
  • Setup Time – 1-24 Hours

Pricing that makes sense

Scalable VPS for unmatched performance.

NL-Cloud-VPS BASIC 40 GB SSD 1 GB 1 Core 4 TB $12.99/mo. ORDER NOW
NL-Cloud-VPS STARTER 60 GB SSD 2 GB 2 Cores 6 TB $19.99/mo. ORDER NOW
NL-Cloud-VPS PRO 80 GB SSD 4 GB 4 Cores 8 TB $29.99/mo. ORDER NOW
NL-Cloud-VPS BUSINESS 160 GB SSD 8 GB 8 Cores 10 TB $49.99/mo. ORDER NOW
NL-Cloud-VPS ENTERPRISE 160 GB SSD 16 GB 16 Cores 10 TB $99.99/mo. ORDER NOW

Control Panel Addons

  • cPanel/WHM Panel $14.00/mo.
  • DirectAdmin Panel $14.00/mo.
  • 1 IP Address $4.00/mo.
  • 2 IP Address $7.50/mo.

Additional Addons

  • Extra 10GB HDD $1.00/mo.
  • Extra 120GB HDD $6.60/mo.
  • Extra 512MB RAM $5.00/mo.
  • Extra 1024MB RAM $9.00/mo.

Security and Reliability!

Noushost - Firewall


Basic Firewall has been setup to provide additional security to the cloud server and it acts as a virtual router, where it filters all the traffic.

Noushost - Load Balancer

Load Balancer

Easily scale by adding a Software based load balancer to your virtual network for a small additional fee.

Noushost - Traffic


All data traffic within your virtual network is free of charge; you are only charged for data traffic that goes in or out of the virtual network. You can purchase a data traffic pack to increase the public data traffic allowance for your virtual network. Data traffic surcharges are based on the total allowed public network traffic. The surcharge for traffic exceeding your traffic allowance is $0.07/ GB.

Noushost - Virtual Network

Virtual Network

When you order Cloud Server for the first time, you will be provided with a virtual network. Within this virtual network, all your (future) cloud instances will be deployed and connected using private IP addresses. The maximum amount of virtual networks is currently limited to one per account.

Shared Hosting! Starting at $1.99 /mo. Get Started